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Cherrypickin' at its best!

We all love to discover an unseen gem, or a rare variety. Here is a story about a real find!
Written by Rick Snow at 04:00

Archives: Farran Zerbe discovery

The restructure of the ANA's Dwight N. Manely Numismatic Library archives has uncovered many numismatic artificats that may be of interest to future researchers.
Written by Kendra Johnson at 00:00

Technology Committee report for the Board of Governors

Here's a preview of what we'll be discussing in the board meeting on Saturday as it relates to online technology.
Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00

The pen President Kennedy used to sign the ANA charter

The Pen



That's not just any pen. That's the pen that President John. F. Kennedy used to sign the ANA's amended federal charter on April 10, 1962. It will be part of the Museum Showcase at the National Money Show in Dallas, along with several other Kennedy-related numismatic artifacts. 


The ANA's original federal charter was signed on April 23, 1912, by President William Taft. The amended charter that Kennedy signed allowed for a larger board of governors. 


Here's another Kennedy-related numismatic artifact we'll have on display in Dallas: An ANA commemorative to celebrate the first lunar landing. 


Turks &Caicosr

Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00

We'll have live coverage of the Board of Governors meeting on Twitter

If you can't make it to the Board of Governors meeting in Dallas, join us for live coverage on Twitter. The meeting starts at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 20. Follow us @ANACoins and tweet us with any questions you have for the board, or leave a comment below with any questions and I'll ask them on your behalf.
Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00

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