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Photos: A sneak peek at the Summer Seminar Session 1 Banquet

The Summer Seminar Session 1 banquet was a huge success. Here's a quick look at some highlights from the night. To see all of the pics of the night visit the ANA Facebook page or follow the ANA on Instragram. #ANASummerSeminar.
Written by Jessica Fletcher at 12:01

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Photos: A sneak peek at the Summer Seminar

Here's a look at how Summer Seminar is going. There's just one day before session one ends.
Written by Jessica Fletcher at 14:27

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Photos: Lunchtime quotes and classroom learning

"Summer Seminar is my favorite time of the year. It is the only time I can come and see my friends who have the same hobby as I do."

A look at how the YN Auction comes together

Every year during Summer Seminar our YN's come together and work relentlessly for three days straight to put together an amazing auction. All proceeds from the auction go in to the YN Scholarship Fund.
Written by Jessica Fletcher at 00:00

Photos: Lunchtime fun and more

"I think Summer Seminar is awesome, here you get to interact with other kids who collect numismatic items." -Weston Stepp, Young Numismatist
Written by Brandon Ortega at 00:00


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