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Kids Zone participants honor Julius Caesar with mock archaeological dig

Saturday, March 15, 2014, was the 2,058th anniversary of the death of Julius Caesar. In his honor, Kids Zone participants conducted a mock archaeological dig at the Money Museum in Colorado Springs using actual copper coins from the Ancient Roman Empire. There were around 18 children in attendance and every kid went home with at least one ancient Roman copper coin.
Written by American Numismatic Association staff at 00:00

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Washington edges Lincoln in Kids Zone presidential vote

George Washington was the top vote getter in the Kids Zone presidential vote at the Atlanta National Money Show. Washington edged out Lincoln with 38.1 percent of the vote, reports National Volunteer Marilyn Reback.
Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00

In the Kids Zone presidential vote, it's Lincoln in a landslide

Just like in Philadelphia, the kids who came to Dallas think Honest Abe is the best president who appears on our money.
Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00

In the Kids Zone race for the presidency, it's Lincoln by a mile (updated with Friday results)

Kids get to vote for their favorite president who appears on U.S. coins. So far, Lincoln has a commanding lead over Jefferson, FDR and Washington.
Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00


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