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12 Sep

ANA Club and District Representatives

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With the new site up and running.  I would like to see more Representatives for each state.I do not work for the ANA but I do everything I can to pass on what the ANA can do for Coin Collectors.The benefits that are available are incredible.  The Library that is available.  Seminars are unbeatable.I could go on and on.  If you are interested on passing on the benefits to others and keeping our hobby continue in the future, we need to educate people.Contact Tiffanie at the ANA she can sure use our help in both local clubs and district reps.  Many states do not have any one listed for the state.

02 Sep

Anybody going to Long Beach this weekend or is this subject taboo?

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Sorry, I'm new, I've never been in a gang before. I just joined the ANA, and so inherited the NGC affiliation, I guess.

17 Jul

Thank you Florida United Numismatists for the ANA table at 8th Summer FUN 2014

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We want to sincerely thank FUN Convention Coordinator Cindy Wibker, President Tony Swicer and the entire Florida United Numismatists (www.funtopics.com) Board for letting the American Numismatic Association (www.money.org) have a table at your July 11-13, 2014, 8thSummer Fun Convention in Orlando, Florida. The ANA table was very busy and the public traffic was superb. We signed up 23 members for the Association and many left with our monthly magazine,The Numismatist, and are contemplating joining. We also passed out flyers for the Chicago and Portland ANA conventions. Thanks to dealer Leo Frese, from Poiente, Laguna Niguel, California. for donating $100 to the Association for the coin show kit shipment.This year's convention had a bourse of 214 tables and close to 3,000 public attendees registered for the event. Upon entering the building visitors were greeted by the friendly FUN staff and volunteers and giving credentials to enter the convention. Heritage Auction Company (HA.com) located in Dallas, Texas., and other locations had a very successful auction. Exhibits and educational programs (videotaped by Coin Television) were superb. Young Numismatist and Scout programs were also held. The YN's also had a special "Coins and Kids Booth." This great organization once again had several give-a-ways, a well done program, coin club tables, grading services, Piedmont Gold Panners, and excellent (Positive Protection, Inc.) PPI Security.A security room was also provided at the beginning and end of the show. Some coin clubs had special meetings and educational programs in conjunction with the show. FUN provided early morning coffee and other treats for dealers / exhibitors and staff before the show opened to the public. The well-lit and spacious Orange County Convention Center is a great site for the convention and the parking is reasonable. FUN even provided a shuttle bus to the parking lot area. Orlando has many different attractions for dealers or visitors who bring non-collecting family members to the show.Five coin clubs and their participating members even had their trip paid for by the Florida United Numismatists organization. They paid for the bus to bring them to the show and take them home. Florida United Numismatists once again did a masterful job of organizing and running this very successful convention. Thanks again to the coordinator and president, as well as the board for the ANA table. We look forward to next year's Summer FUN which will be held onJuly 9 - 11, 2015.Yours in numismatics, Mark & Myrna Lighterman and John & Nancy Wilson, ANA National Volunteers