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14 Sep

Raw V. Slab smackdown

Coins-United States | WinkWink

Call me Ishmael, but I like a coin I can touch. I like them Raw. I also like circulated coins. To me these are the coins that have lived!

11 Sep

An Unlikely Purchase

Coins-United States | coinsbygary

My latest NEWP is an XF-45 1860-O Seated Liberty Dollar to upgrade a VF-35 1842 dollar from my collection. What makes this purchase unlikely is that I was not looking to add a new Seated Liberty Dollar to my collection nor was I looking to upgrade the one that I currently own. However, while I was browsing a dealers listing looking for other coins, this coin kind of swept me away.

10 Sep

What is your favorite US coinage series and why?

Coins-United States | Numinerd9

If you had to pick just one series in the history of US coinage as your absolute favorite, what would it be and why? I know some people have changed their mind over the years, or may have more than one series they collect- but if you had to just pick one, what would it be? For me, I have to go with Morgan/Standard silver dollars. Why you ask? I got my first one when I was about 10 years old and I was instantly captivated by the sheer size and weight of the coin; an 1896 Philly in nice AU condition. The flashy cartwheel also hypnotized me for many months afterwards; first time I'd ever seen such a numi-phenomenon like that! (Luckily, I still have this piece that Grandma gave me, and have carried it in my pocket for I don't know how many years now. Needless to say, it is not quite an AU coin anymore - but at least I still have the thing, some 30+ years later - and it'll always mean the world to me, no matter how much the market fluctuates!) Show some pics too if possible.

08 Sep

Walking Liberty Blog

Coins-United States | WIWalker

I have been collecting the Walking Liberty Half Dollars for some time now.  I started my raw collection on July 18, 2006 when the spark of collecting reemerged within me due to the State Quarter program.  I found myself collecting the Silver Eagles with the Walking Liberty design as well as begin my raw collection of as nice of coins as I can afford.

06 Sep

1894-S Dime and 1913 Liberty Head Nickel are valuable

Coins-United States | LNCS

I found the following little information snippet in newspapers from 1936 - 1953. 

04 Sep

My beginnings in the world of coin collecting

Coins-United States | Moneda1793

My father had a friend who owned a stationary store. I had a after school job there, basically sweeping and breaking down boxes. Being 11 ,it felt good to have some pocket change to buy comic books or accessories for my GI Joes. I was getting paid $10 to $15 a week. Lo and behold, in the back of the store he had a small coin shop. Looking through the case ,I was fascinated by the Large cent. No more comic books or GI Joe items for me! Most of my pay went for a Large cent. At that time I paid about $9 for a good condition common date  Large cent (around 1969). As far as I can remember ,I have always been a collector,starting out with collecting and trading Batman cards for Green Hornet (Van Williams and Bruce Lee). Down to this day I've stay with collecting coins,basically Type sets, Indian head and Lincoln sets, and U.S.paper money (Large notes and Fractional currency). Always been a member of a coin club. I also collect Numismatic Literature (old and rare) as I have always had a love for books. Being retired , I have more time to spend in the greatest hobby of collecting and studying coins.

02 Sep

Baffleing Barber

Coins-United States | WinkWink

I was examining this 1915 Barber quarter through my loupe, trying to get a positive I.D. of what I think is a micro Sjust above/left of the "D" in Dollar, when I noticed a faint but well defined "2" between the center tail feathers and the "R" in Quarter, along with some other anomalies What I'm I looking at?