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02 Sep

VIDEO: What's the coolest thing in your booth? With Chuck Daughtrey from Modern Coin Mart.

World's Fair of Money | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff

Chuck Daughtrey, marketing director for Modern Coin Mart, designed the Augustus Saint-Gaudens coin struck at the Perth Mint. The coin includes the ANA Lamp of Knowledge on Saint-Gaudens' shoulder

29 Aug

Crum donates $50,000 to ANA website project

World's Fair of Money | ANA Official Post | emadura

Adam Crum, owner of Monaco Rare Coins, donated $50,000 to the American Numismatic Association on Saturday, Aug. 9, the final day of the 2014 World's Fair of MoneySM in Rosemont, Illinois. Accepting on behalf of the ANA was Executive Director Kim Kiick.

28 Aug

RCNA's 60th Anniversary Convention Features Active Involvement of ANA

World's Fair of Money | ANA Official Post | Jake Sherlock

The American Numismatic Association was well represented in the activities of the 60th anniversary convention of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association held in Toronto, Ontario, on August 13-16, 2014. Leading the delegation from the ANA, in keeping with this year's joint ANA/RCNA "Hands Across the Border" promotion, was president Walter Ostromecki from California.

27 Aug

Tales Of The Kennedy Madness

World's Fair of Money | Amanda Varner

By now the entire numismatic world has heard of The Kennedy Madness that gripped thousands of people at the ANA’s World’s Fair Of Money, 2014.

25 Aug

After the Kennedy sales - World's Fair of Money - Rosemont 2014

World's Fair of Money | Grove Minting Company

We wanted to know if any of you who attended the World's Fair of Money in Rosemont found the sale of the gold Kennedy Half Dollar to be a distraction from the main show, or a welcome addition bringing publicity to the hobby?

24 Aug

The REAL Value of the ANA - ETHICS!

World's Fair of Money | VKurtB

There are a few too many people in this hobby we all love that treat business ethics with a hearty, "Oh well, whatever".

23 Aug

Are the Majority of PCGS ANA Kennedy Slabs "Illegitimate"? YES!

World's Fair of Money | VKurtB

PLEASE NOTE: The photo accompanying this post is upside down and urine-colored intentionally. The upside down picture is in observation of the international distress signal. The urine color is to indicate that I am p1$$3d off about this breach of ethics. PCGS no longer meets my ethical standards, and I am finished with them. All my PCGS coins will be crossed over to NGC over the next few months and years.