The Exchange : Photos: Lunchtime fun and more

Photos: Lunchtime fun and more


  • Food Area -Cafeteria -June 25
  • Detecting Count Paper -June 25-2
  • Detecting Counterfeit Paper -June 25-1
  • Digital Photography 1
  • Digital Photography June 25-3
  • Food Area -Cafeteria -June 25
  • Full Table -Cafeteria -June 25
  • Group -Cafeteria -June 25
  • Line -Cafeteria -June 25
  • Tiny -Cafeteria -June 25
  • YN's -Cafeteria -June 25


Quotes of the day

"This is my third Summer Seminar and it has been as intellectually satisfying as previous years, I look forward to many more." -T. Arthur Poudrier, Summer Seminar Student  

"Classes are very enjoyable and that is why I come back. The instructors are very knowledgeable and it is always well run and that is because Susan (McMillan) does a good job." -Carlisle Morgan, Summer Seminar Student   

"Classes are phenomenal and Summer Seminar is always the best value in numismatics bar none." -Mike Ellis, Summer Seminar Instructor

"I think Summer Seminar is awesome, here you get to interact with other kids who collect numismatic items." -Weston Stepp, Young Numismatist


*To view more photos from ANA Summer Seminar search the hash tag #ANASummerSeminar on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

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