The Exchange : Southeast coin clubs win awards, host coin shows

Southeast coin clubs win awards, host coin shows

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Madison County Coin Club  had member Richard Jozefiak win the Numismatic Ambassador Award at the ANA.



Ancient City Coin Club had Rick Bousquet speak on Jefferson nickel varieties and errors. Thirty-six were present for the meeting. Ray Herz presented "Other Works by Coin Designers." The club newsletter, "The Reale," won second place at the ANA for Outstanding Local Club Publication.


Brandon Coin Club  had its third coin show of the year on August 17th.  They had a program on coin grading and 58 members were present. A 50 lot auction followed.


Casselberry Coin Club  had NJ Neff speak on errors and varieties on U.S. tokens. The attendance prize at the meeting is still a Silver Eagle.


Central Florida Coin Club had over 30 volunteers work at the FUN show. Thanks to all.


Florida Token Society next meeting is Saturday, September 21, in Daytona at the United Presbyterian Church located at 730 Beville Rd. at 9:30 a.m.


Ft. Lauderdale Coin Club  had Richard Spencer give a program on Franklin half dollars and explain full bell lines. Bill Sanders spoke about his trip to the ANA in Chicago.


Ft. Walton Beach Coin Club  had 63 members at their last meeting. Bob Helmic gave a presentation on the symbols on our $1 bill.


Gold Coast Coin Club  reviewed the ANA's book, Grading Mint State Coins.


Greater Daytona Coin Club  had a member bring in over 100 old collectible wooded cigar boxes to sell with all the proceeds going to the homeless.


North Lake Coin & Currency Club  celebrated its fifth anniversary on August 14th with cake & beverages. There was a 50/50 drawing followed by the auction.


Ocala Coin Club  had a program entitled "The flaming Jefferson nickel."  Their club picnic was a success with 23 in attendance. Don Faulkman gave a program on the new $100 bill.


Palm Beach Coin Club  had a report on the ANA in Chicago. Club member Sandy Pearl was appointed Secretary of the ANA. Richard Spencer spoke on Franklin Halves.


Sarasota Coin Club had 30 members present at their last meeting. They discussed the FUN show and their 50th anniversary medals.


South Brevard Coin Club had a show-n-tell with chocolate used as money, a Challenger space medal, a 25th anniversary West Point silver eagle 2-pc set., a 1797 British two pence cartwheel, a 1963 Red Book and a 1960-D penny thin (dipped in acid).


Tallahassee Numismatic Club had a one day coin show August 24th with an hourly raffle and a silent auction. Over 100 people attended and everything went well. At the meeting members discussed the show, had a show-n-tell and had an auction.


Tampa Bay Coin Club  had William Jones give an excellent presentation on the 1848 California $5 gold piece, a silver eagle door prize, a raffle, auction and a discussion on the Summer FUN show.


Titusville Coin Club  celebrated the 81st birthday of longtime club member Bob Shaffer with a cake and pastries galore in addition to homemade noodle soup. They had their usual all silver raffle and the auction.


Treasure Coast Coin Club  had a program by Ferd Wirth on collecting uncirculated Eisenhower dollars followed by the drawings and an auction.


Venice Coin Club  had 27 members and two guests attend. Jay Chamberlain gave a program on Chinese counterfeit coins. Members discussed upcoming events including the club's November coin show and the auction followed.



Augusta Coin Club had a power point presentation by Arno Safran on dollars from the 16th century to present. They had a show-n-tell followed by the auction.


Lower Cape Fear Coin Club  had over 20 members at their last meeting. This month was the club picnic.


West Tennessee Collectors Club's 54th annual coin show is September 7-8 at the Madison County Agricultural Auditorium, 309 N. Parkway, Jackson, TN. Hours are 9 a.m. to  5 p.m. They have sold out all 31 dealer tables. Free admission. Contact Mac Mann at 731-394-3972 or

Written by Tony Swicer at 10:00

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