The Exchange : National Coin Week at the Nevada State Museum

National Coin Week at the Nevada State Museum


National Coin Week at the Nevada State Museum brought more people into the museum on a Friday than ever before. We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Reno Coin Club and the 150th anniversary of the State of Nevada. Almost 300 people divided equally between school children and adults were in attendance.

Ccseal -130x 130

Four lectures were provided: on the discovery and restoration of the Carson City dies by Ken Hopple, the various medals produced for the 100th  anniversary of the State of Nevada by Rusty King and Dave Andrews, the coins of Constantine by David Elliott and the numismatic and service legacy of President Kennedy by Paul Williams.

Ken Hopple pressed the 30th anniversary medal of the club, which also celebrated the 150th anniversary of the state on the old 1869 Carson City coin press #1. He found that the images came out better with the state seal on the reverse instead of the coin press, so they went ahead and decided to mint all the medals-90 silver, 200 brass, 200 copper-with the state seal.


In addition to the display of ancient coins, U.S. coins, foreign currency and animal coins, a wide selection of Kennedy halves were available. The 1964 90 percent silver, 2014 PD, and 1976 Kennedy halves with various holders were snapped up with enthusiasm in front of the display posters from the ANA. Four coin club members manned the tables at various time: David Elliott, Patricia Felkner, Andre Azzam and Laurel Hoggah. We provided all the new coins: territorial and National Park quarters, presidential and Native American dollars at near cost.

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