The Exchange : Four Undervalued Numismatic Coins for $75 or Less

Four Undervalued Numismatic Coins for $75 or Less

The numismatic coin industry is much like many other industries in that certain coins fall in and out of favor over time; oftentimes for no particular reason. Changes can be subtle unless you closely follow the market, and without knowing, the value of your coins can be dramatically different than what you paid for them. While the collectible coin market has had its ups and downs over the years, the numismatic coin industry has had a strong run as of late, as we have experienced an asset based recovery thanks in large part to the Federal Reserve's loose monetary policies. We've seen some record high coin prices realized at auction, with some collections, such as the Eric Newman collection, making headline news in the coin industry. Even though the overall market is strong, we've identified four well known numismatic coins that can currently be purchased for $75 or less, which we'll highlight in further detail below:

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1932-d Washington Quarter

Folks that have been around the industry for a while are quite familiar with the 1932-s and 1932-d Washington quarters, which are the first Washington quarters minted, the lowest mintage, and the most valuable. While the current bid price for a 1932-d Washington quarter in good condition is $90, the reality is that the market value of this coin is closer to $75. While 436,800 of these coins were originally minted in 1932, the fact is that many 90 percent silver coins have been melted over the years, and the number that remain in existence is likely much less. This is a coin that we believe has a good bit of upside potential and recommend picking it up while prices remain reasonable.

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1921-p Mercury Dime

While the 1921-p Mercury dime is not the lowest mintage or most popular coin in the series (that designation goes to the 1916-d Mercury dime), it is considered one of the three key date Mercury dimes, and is commonly missing from most Mercury dime collections. As a coin dealer, we've seen well over a hundred Whitman coin albums of Mercury dimes, and inevitably the three coins that are missing from the collection are the 1916-d, 1921-p and 1921-d Mercury dimes. At a mintage of 1.23 million, it's not as scarce as the previously mentioned 1932-d Washington quarter, but is still relatively difficult to come by. While most 1921-p Mercury dimes are well worn, and can go for as little as $30 - $35, a well struck 1921-p Mercury dime in fine condition can be had for less than $75, which would make a nice addition to any collection.

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1938-d Walking Liberty Half Dollar

We've been in the coin industry for quite a few years and have seen hundreds of different coins over our collecting lifetime, but in our opinion, the Walking Liberty half dollar is quite possibly the most stunning U.S. coin ever minted. We previously discussed how to assemble a collection of Walking Liberty half dollars, which can be found here. While the collection consists of many key date and semi key date coins, one of the lowest mintage coins in the series is the 1938-d Walking Liberty half dollar. At a mintage of 491,600, it's the third lowest minted Walking Liberty half dollar available. An example of this highly sought after coin in fine condition can be had for $75 or less, making it quite possibly the most undervalued coin featured in our article.

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1931-s Lincoln Cent

As we all know, the king of Lincoln cents is the 1909-s vdb. While the mintage of the coin isn't exactly low at 484,000 coins, it's the most valuable and sought after Lincoln cent in the market. However, that's not to say that this is the only valuable Lincoln cent. In fact, there are five Lincoln cents that are considered to be key date coins (if you take into consideration the 1922 no d), and the most affordable coin out of the lot is the 1931-s Lincoln cent. You might also be surprised to hear that this is also the second lowest minted Lincoln cent. This coin can be had for as little as $50 in good condition and less than $75 in very fine condition. Any well known numismatic coin with a mintage of less than 900,000 that can be acquired for $75 or less is definitely a bargain!


In conclusion, we've identified four numismatic coins that we believe to be undervalued at a price of $75 or less. While the 1932-d Washington quarter is the most valuable and popular of the lot, all of the coins that we highlighted are considered key date coins and are oftentimes missing from coin collections. We recommend that you take advantage of the relatively reasonable prices for these coins and pick them up before the rest of the market realizes that they're undervalued. The next trend in the market could potentially see all of these coins increase in value, so be sure to strike while the iron's hot!

Tony Davis is the owner of Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, a full service Atlanta based coin and bullion dealer specializing in buying, selling and appraising coins and coin collections of all types and sizes.


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