The Exchange : Washington edges Lincoln in Kids Zone presidential vote

Washington edges Lincoln in Kids Zone presidential vote

George Washington was the top vote getter in the Kids Zone presidential vote at the Atlanta National Money Show. Washington edged out Lincoln with 38.1 percent of the vote, reports National Volunteer Marilyn Reback. 


Reback started running the presidential votes in the Kids Zone at ANA Shows during the Republican primary of the last presidential election. The ballot, which includes Franklin D. Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson, asks kids to pick their favorite president on U.S. currency. 


Here is the final tally from Atlanta:


George Washington, 38.1 percent
Abraham Lincoln, 30.2 percent
Franklin D. Roosevelt, 22.2 percent
Thomas Jefferson, 9.5 percent
Two write-in votes: 1 for John F. Kennedy, 1 for Ronald Reagan 


Who is your favorite president who already appears on U.S. currency? And which former president deserves to be immortalized on U.S. currency in the future? 
Written by Jake Sherlock at 00:00



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