The Exchange : Treasures of the Deep exhibit coming soon

Treasures of the Deep exhibit coming soon

The exhibit, "A House Divided- Money of the Civil War" is coming down after several years on the main gallery floor and the new exhibit, "Treasures of the Deep: Galleons, Storms and Archeology" will be taking it's place.


Currently, museum staff members are working in the main gallery to pull down the " Civil War" exhibit to prepare for the new exhibit. In the next few weeks the staff will put together the new displays for the "Treasures of the Deep" exhibit. During the transition, the museum is offering free admission to the public until the new exhibit opens. "Treasures of the Deep" will open on June 5.


The new exhibit will display shipwreck treasures and will include many fascinating pieces recovered from the bottom of the sea.


The exhibit will be up just in time for Summer Seminar, which is taking place June 21-26 and June 28-July 3, when collectors come from around the country and enjoy a fun and educational week of numismatics.

To sign up for Summer Seminar, go to or call Education Assistant Amber Bradish at (719) 482-9865 or 1-800-367-9723 ext. 165 or email .


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