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25 Sep

The ANA Money Museum - Treasures of the deep

Money Museum | LNCS

I recently visited the ANA money museum. This is the first time I was able to view the treasures of the deep displays. What an incredible set up. Really makes one wonder what else may be laying at the bottom of the sea waiting to be discovered.

23 Sep

Web notes

Paper Money-U.S. | LNCS

The BEP's experimental web-fed press was used from 1992 to 1996. Does anyone still collect these? I had a bunch nearly 20 years ago, but spent most. I still have a couple in my small paper money collection.

11 Sep

Money Museum to participate in Smithsonian's Museum Day Live! event

Money Museum | ANA Official Post | Jake Sherlock

The Edward C. Rochette Money Museum is proud to once again participate in the Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day Live! event on Saturday, Sept. 27. This 10th-annual event is a great opportunity to check out the Money Museum and all that it has to offer free of charge.

06 Sep

1894-S Dime and 1913 Liberty Head Nickel are valuable

Coins-United States | LNCS

I found the following little information snippet in newspapers from 1936 - 1953. 

25 Aug

1883 No Cent from the Eliasberg collection

Coins-United States | LNCS

How many collect coins from famous collections? Also have one of the Newman Liberty Nickels.

23 Aug

Prices - comparing PCGS vs NGC vs CAC vs No CAC

Coins-United States | LNCS

For the past 15 years, I have kept track of prices realized from major auctions for Liberty Head nickels. For fun, I thought I would compare those graded by PCGS and NGC (with and without CAC stickers). I did this for grades MS65, MS66 and MS67. I started the run in 2008 as that was the earliest result that included a CAC sticker.

09 Aug

Liberty Nickels and the price of color: The holder, the sticker or the coin?

Coins-United States | LNCS

During the 2014 Heritage ANA auctions, I was watching a particular coin very closely. The coin was a 1906 Liberty Nickel, in an older green holder (large size, not rattler), with a Gold CAC sticker and very pretty color (lot 7286). For me, nicely toned Liberty Nickels are few and far between, so this coin had me interested. Quickly the pre-auction bids went over $2,000. (the coin is listed at $510 in the PCGS price guide, and had previously sold for $578 in 2003).

06 Jun

Treasures of the Deep opens at the Money Museum

Money Museum | ANA Official Post | jfletcher

The Money Museum saw more than 200 patrons come out to see the new Treasures of the Deep exhibit on Thursday night. Caleb Noel and Barbara Gregory were on hand to photograph the event.