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01 Aug

One Gold Kennedy Half Dollar Per Customer Per Day?

World's Fair of Money | Mike Ellis

I doubt it! I predict, though they likely will not show it, that the grading services are going to encapsulate more of the first day of release from the ANA Show than the mint is selling. At this point, it will be easier and much more affordable to go or have someone go to the other mints for you to buy 5 and then take them or send them to the show! And you can do this several times in this overnight delivery world we live in! (This is the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of the ANA, its officers, its governors or its employees)

30 Jul

Here's the commercial for the World's Fair of Money

| ANA Official Post | Jake Sherlock

Check out the commercial for the World's Fair of Money. This will be running on several Chicago networks, including WGN. Be sure to check out our promotional contest with WGN as well. 

29 Jul

The Baseball and Kennedy Hot Coins

YoungNumismatists Exchange | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff

My Dad bought for me the new Silver Proof Baseball Coin from the US Mint, and they just came in the mail last week.  It sure is a hot item and looks great!  When we bought it from the mint it costs about $51, and now you can sell it for at least $150 since it sold out right away.  It tripled in price!  But I am going to save mine, and not sell it.  Also, I am looking forward to the new Kennedy half dollars that are coming out soon.  We read an article in Numismatic News and Coin World that the Mint will be selling a special silver 4 coin half dollar silver proof set, each one with a different mintmark from each of the 4 mints (San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia and West Point Mints) and special different proof type finishes on each coin.  You have to buy all 4 together, so the set will probably cost around $120, maybe more, I am guessing.  You can’t just buy one at a time, which would have been better for me.  I am now trying to earn and save up some money by doing jobs around the house like gardening or cleaning the garage, and selling my old toys so that I can buy a set.  I am also having coin meetings with my family that I charge for and my Dad pays me 50 cents each meeting.  I had a different meetings with my family on Sunday and my Dad paid me $3 for the meetings.  I don’t think that I will be able to afford the special gold Kennedy half dollar.  The article said that it will be the size of a regular half dollar with 2 dates on it 1964 and 2014.  1964 is the year the first Kennedy half dollar came out, which was the first year after President Kennedy was shot (in 1963), and now its 2014 which is 50 years later. I don’t think that I will be able to save up enough money to get that one, but I like looking at the pictures.  Also, the mint is coming out with a 2 coin clad (not silver) set, but I don’t think it will be worth much in a few years.  We looked at the mint’s website and it’s supposed to come out on July 24, 2014 for $9.95 for a clad P and D coin.  My Dad gave to me a special George Washington clad half dollar from 1986.  He said that probably when the Mint was selling them, they cost $5 or $6 dollars, he didn’t remember, but now you can get one for like $3 or $4.  So the value went down instead of going up.  it wasn’t worth it, but it’s still a cool coin.  I don’t know when the mint will be selling the silver or the gold coins, but we heard that it’s supposed to be sold at the big ANA show World’s Fair of Money in Chicago.   It will probably sell out there just like the baseball coins did and the reverse proof buffalo did last year at the ANA.

29 Jul

Our Most Recent Commemorative Coins and their Value

Young Numismatists Exchange | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff

Our most recent Commemorative Coin, the cupped-shape baseball coin, is faring well so far.  The Silver Coin has it its limited mintage of 400,000 and the golds also sold out at 50,000.  The clads, which have sold more than 200,000 so far, is still well under the Mint’s limit of 750,000.  The Silver baseball coins are selling for $100 to $150 on ebay which is double to triple their selling price of $50, so that’s a real home run!  The gold version is also selling at a significant amount their original sale price from the Mint.  Coins that have been graded by the major grading companies and have achieved a score of MS69 or MS70 are going for even more.  Some dealers have even been able to start “selling the label”, with autographs of baseball stars and the like.  I don’t know if these are real autographs or photocopies on the label, but it seems that it is really popular, and people are paying a premium for labels even way above the grade.  I don’t know whatever happened to the adage of buy the coin not the label!  Even though that I think that that was referring to the grade that the grading company put on the label say in between an AU58 and an MS 63, the coin may look the same, even though they are two separate grades on 2 scales, but in this more recent case, people are literally just buying the “special label”, like it’s a baseball card!  I once heard a dealer tell a customer at a show “sure this is more expensive, it’s got the “special orange label”!   Duhey!   Getting back to the baseball coins, surprisingly, the clads aren’t doing too bad short-term, commonly selling for about $40 dollars on eBay now for people that do want to wait for the Mint to ship their coin.  But these coins will probably hold no long-term value, as proven by the Mint many times with other Commemorative programs.  I received a Silver Proof baseball coin from my Dad as a gift and intend to hold on to it long-term and see how the value pans out long-term.  Meanwhile, I am doing jobs around the house and neighborhood and watching my savings carefully to see if I can save for the much acclaimed four-coin 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection Set that will be released this Summer.  This Silver Set will for sure sell-out.  The Mint hasn’t said much about the Silver and Gold sets, and they are not even on the US Mint’s Website yet.  So it isn’t clear as to when these will be released, but rumor and recent coin articles indicate that they will be released at the large ANA show in Rosemont, IL, August 5-9, 2014.   What is on the Mint’s website for release at the end of July and at a price of $9.95 is a 2 coin Clad set, P&D with some sort of special finish.  I don’t think these will be worth much long term, as almost all clad sets have decreased in value from the issue price.  There are probably a few exceptions though, and that would be something I would like to research, perhaps for the next article I write.  In the meantime, I am definitely looking forward to the release of the new Kennedy’s and think that they will be a hit with the public .  Also, more importantly, maybe cool coins like these will get more kids my age into the great world of Numismatics.