Exhibitor's checklist

Preliminary Steps

• Download a copy of the exhibit rules.

• Choose an exhibit category.

• Apply to the ANA for exhibit space.


Building an exhibit

• Select a theme.

• Research your topic.

• Write exhibit text.

• Lay out your exhibit. Keep in mind the space ­allotment, as defined in the exhibit rules.

• Proofread. Be sure to double-check your spelling and facts.

• Make a map. Create a schematic of your exhibit layout and prepare a list of contents.

• Pack exhibit. Using your list of contents, check off the exhibit items as you pack them. Don't forget to bring your map!

• Install the exhibit. Arrange your items in the case, ensuring proper placement and alignment.

• Clean the case. Make sure the glass is free of dust and fingerprints.

• Enjoy the convention.



Questions? Contact Exhibits Coordinator Emily Silver at 719-482-9849 or email exhibits@money.org

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