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26 Aug

Wheatie Wierdness

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Hi to Every one,

I am new to the ANA and the site- I just joined yesterday. Here, as in life, I have no friends. So if your feeling friendly, shot me a friend request, I'd be much obliged. I am mainly into US silver, but I would love to talk to someone who knows about Dbl die, multi strike, mistrike Lincoln Wheat back Cents. The other day I was going through a few wheatie rolls my grandma put aside. I found a cracked die and a couple of oddities, but the winner hands down is a 1941 philly double die obverse which does not appear in the red book (Doubled Nose and lips) In the field of the coin, what I at first took to be Bagging and dirt but under magnification turned out to be 4 maybe 5 ghost strikes the darkest being just 2 mils from the main strike and getting lighter as you move clockwise down the coin for the remaining strikes.

Any advise as to rarity and value would be much appreciated





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Nice discovery :)

Amanda Varner

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Hello! I just joined myself, so we're in the same boat. Nice to meet you. :)


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Nice to meet you as well;)


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That is an incredible find! Keep up the good work! I collect U.S., Canadian, and British coins. I recently was alerted that a coin of mine had doubling on it. It was a coin that I had owned for at least 2 years, and I had never looked close enough! Go figure.


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Thanks for commenting. It's an exciting time to be a Canadian and British collector. Both of their mints are doing outstanding things! And of course, British coinage has that great wealth of history going back into pre Roman times. When my grand plan of winning the Lottery comes together, I too will collect Canadian and British coinage. ENJOY


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Hey look in the Library, and quit talking to yourself! It won't get you a badge any quicker