Candidate for Governor: Greg Lyon

St. Louis, MO
ANA 1119916


LyonHaving started collecting at age 6, I am a 30-year ANA member and have volunteered for the ANA since 1989-as an exhibit judge, YN Summer Seminar chaperone and convention volunteer. Professionally, I have a 20-year career in information technology-including five years in management consulting-and currently work as a project manager for Thomson Reuters, ensuring large-scale projects are completed on time and on budget, the same goals the ANA has for meeting its objectives.


While the ANA is our national coin club, it is also a small business with a $6 million annual budget, more than 30 employees and assets totaling over $60 million. Perhaps the most important role of the ANA Board of Governors is to properly manage these assets to further the ANA's educational mission-both today and for many years to come. I have the collector background and business experience to lead the ANA in both areas.


The two accomplishments during my first term of which I am most proud are the launch of the Technology Committee and the completion of the ANA Strategic Plan. The Technology Committee gives the ANA a trusted panel to provide input and feedback on the ANA website, social media and internal IT needs, while the ANA Strategic Plan sets clear priorities for the organization, including member outreach, financial stability and improved ­Museum security.


Over the next two years, I look forward to the expansion of the "ANA Road Show," which will allow members across the country to view exhibits from the ANA Money Museum and Library and meet ANA staff and officers; and the launch of a new ANA website. Both of these projects will allow members to benefit from our collection, Library and education programs without having to travel to Colorado Springs, and will make the ANA an organization collectors not only want, but need to be a part of.


Most importantly, I plan to remain a governor who is available to the membership. All comments, thoughts and questions are welcome. I can always be reached by e-mail at



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