Candidate for Governor: Mike Ellis

Camilla, GA
LM 1143334


EllisWe need a hardworking, diligent, communicative Board whose members exude enthusiasm for the Association, and I am one of those people!


The ANA has been plagued by lawsuits for too many years. I need not tell you how detrimental this is to the numismatic community. Not only does this cost way too much money, it also greatly reduces the time spent on productive projects for the members. This must stop. The solution? Quit putting executives and attorneys in positions to create frivolous lawsuits. I believe a kind, fair and hardworking executive director and no attorney on a costly retainer as general counsel is the most ideal position to be in.


We must get back to full concentration of our Congressionally mandated mission to educate!


For quite a few years, many large coin shows have become ghost towns by Saturday afternoon. This should be the day that entertains the majority of the public, and when it is so empty on Saturday afternoon, it breaks my heart. I believe dealers must be made to stay all day on Saturday. How do we make this happen? I highly recommend we try running shows where Saturday falls in the middle of the show!


I am a 32-year life member and a longtime instructor at ANA Summer Seminars. I have received the Glenn Smedley Memorial Award, a Presidential Award, and the Murray G. Singer Outstanding Hobby Mentor Award from Anthony Swiatek while he was ANA president.


I served 14 years and counting as an officer of CONECA, 8 as president. During this time, I led CONECA from a little-known specialty club to a well-known, highly respected national organization that leads the numismatic community in error and variety research and education. As a result of my efforts on behalf of error collectors everywhere, I have received every award CONECA has.


I am a frequent contributor to and have been the editor of numismatic publications of all kinds.


It is my honor and my privilege to serve you. It is a hobby for most of us, and I like to keep it fun for everyone!" 



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