Candidate for Governor: Ralph Ross

Sugar Land, TX
ANA 1096461


RossI am honored to accept the nomination for the ANA 2013-15 Board of Governors. As a proud ANA member for over 35 years, I have enthusiastically promoted numismatics and the ANA through assiduous service as past president of the Greater Houston Coin Club, founder of the nation's largest high-school coin club, ANA Summer Seminar youth counselor, ANA representative and ¬≠district delegate, and as a member of several ANA committees.


A proud recipient of some of the ANA's most distinguished awards, including the Medal of Merit, the Glenn Smedley Memorial Award, the Adult Advisor-of-the-Year Award and two Presidential Awards, and the revered title of Numismatic Ambassador, I now campaign for the ANA Board of Governors to serve the interests of the academic community, collectors and the general public. As a coin collector since age 4, and dedicated educator for a quarter of a century, I employ numismatics in the classroom to improve academic scholarship and expand interest in the coin-collecting hobby.


At 61 years old, I have reached many pinnacles in life, one being earning a Ph.D. in environmental toxicology in 2012, and another being married for 31 years to Phyllis, an attorney and municipal court judge, and the father of three beautiful children-Jason, Jeremy ­(deceased) and Jillian. I am running on a campaign platform to increase youth membership, support families in numismatics, encourage coins in the classroom, and bring numismatics into the mainstream of historical studies.


If elected, I will help the Board of Governors expand the coin-collecting hobby and address contemporary issues regarding numismatic education, information technology, consumer protection, and the employment of exemplary service to ANA members. I pledge to serve the Dealer, Investor, Collector and Exhibitor (D-I-C-E).



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