Candidate for Governor: Scott Rottinghaus

New London, CT
LM 1126251


RottinghausAfter serving on the ANA Board for the past four years, I am running for re-election to use this experience to bring strength and stability to our organization. The ANA should be the world's preeminent numismatic organization and serve as a voice for collectors and dealers alike. This requires governing the ANA with integrity and promoting open communication with our membership. I have the business experience, problem-solving skills and open-mindedness to guide the ANA.


Education is a core mission of the ANA. We are working to enhance our seminars and conventions. Now, for further outreach, we need an improved presence on the Internet. ­Increased access to our Library and Museum collections will further enhance numismatic knowledge. Having worked hard to promote the hobby to young numismatists, I will endeavor to find better ways to make numismatics attractive to young professionals.


Originally a farm boy from Kansas, I now live in Connecticut with my wife and children. I am a life member of the ANA, having joined in 1985. Since then, I have become increasingly involved with the ANA, winning Outstanding Young Numismatist in 1988, YN Best-of-Show Exhibit in 1991, and the Glenn Smedley Memorial Award in 2009. I have authored 36 ­numismatic articles, including nine for The Numismatist. I teach a class on Roman Republican coins at the Summer Seminar, which I have been attending since 1987.


A physician educated at the University of Cambridge and the Mayo Clinic, I manage clinical trials as a senior director at Pfizer.

I am also on the faculty at the Yale School of Medicine, where I care for patients at the VA hospital. Throughout my career, I have grounded myself in the numismatic community. As a longtime collector of ancient coins and the father of three young children, I am deeply and personally interested in the future of our hobby.


I have brought a fresh outlook to the ANA during my time on the Board. I endeavor to be approachable and accessible to all ANA members. I am full of energy and enthusiasm, and I look forward to continuing my work for the ANA. 



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