Candidate for Governor: William D. Hyder

Scotts Valley, CA
ANA 1059458


HyderA coin collector for over 50 years and an ANA member for 45 years, I retired from the University of California in 2010 ­after 30 years of service, the last 15 as a senior academic manager responsible for 80+ staff and a budget of $20 million. In addition to my professional experience, I served as president of the American Rock Art Research ­Association, where I guided the national organizational to financial stability and a partnership with Arizona State University that has endured for the past 20 years.


Participation in the 1970 2nd annual ANA Summer Seminar helped develop my passion for numismatics with an interest in research, writing, education, and a lifelong commitment to the mission of the ANA. I have since authored or co-authored two books and dozens of articles published in The Numismatist, TAMS Journal, World Coins, ANA Journal and local club newsletters that received a first-place Heath Literary Award, two TAMS gold literary awards, two ANA Wayte and Olga Raymond Memorial Awards for research in U.S. numismatics, the 1981 TAMS gold Mishler Cataloging Award, and the 2012 NLG Best Token and Medal Book award.


My numismatic service includes positions as secretary and president of the Santa Barbara Coin Club; secretary and treasurer of the Pacific Coast Numismatic Society; and webmaster and a director of the Token and Medal Society. I am currently serving as the Web Subcommittee Chair of the ANA Technical Advisory Committee.


My goals include:


1) Maintain the responsible financial management established in the past few years.


2) Expand efforts to personalize the value of ANA membership for collectors through more staff participation in regional and large local coin shows.


3) Dedicate resources to continue development of the ANA website and e-commerce services for ANA members and the coin collecting community in general.


4) Develop social media services to bring collectors together in online communities as a benefit to ANA members.


5) Encourage the growth of ANA membership by leveraging Library and Museum ­resources to facilitate greater digital access to and use of the Association's numismatic assets for members.


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