Candidate biographies and photos

In accordance with ANA bylaws, each candidate for ANA office must furnish a biographical sketch and platform, not exceeding 350 words in length, for publication in The Numismatist. The biography should include the candidate's record of service to the Association and to numismatics in general. This material will be published in the June 2013 issue of The Numismatist and will be enclosed with ballots mailed to all voting members. 


All biographical information and platforms must be typed using upper-and lower-case characters and submitted via e-mail to or mailed on CD (accompanied by a letter-quality printout). Copy submitted by fax cannot be accepted. Please submit a professional-quality, color portrait no smaller than 4 x 5 inches (300 dpi). All material must be accompanied by the candidate's member number and name (as he or she wishes it to be printed), as well as his or her address, telephone number and e-mail address (not for publication).


Any submission that is more than 350 words in length will be edited by deleting text from the end of the document. Candidates will not receive a proof copy prior to publication. Deadline for receipt of these materials is March 31, 2013. Only those biographies, platforms and photographs received by this date will be published in The Numismatist and mailed with the official ANA ballot. Please direct all submissions to the Executive Director.