2007 Press Releases

  • The ANA Board will Meet in Charlotte

    The American Numismatic Association Board of Governors will hold business meetings Wednesday and Thursday, March 14 and 15, at the Charlotte Convention Center, room 203A, in Charlotte, N.C. prior to the National Money Show™.

  • ANA to Host Board Candidates Forum and Town Hall Meeting in Charlotte

    The American Numismatic Association will host a Board of Governors’ Candidate Forum at 6 p.m. Friday March 16, and a Town Hall Meeting at 6 p.m. Saturday March 17. Both activities will take place during the National Money Show™ in room 203A of the Charlotte Convention Center.

  • Theft Of Rare French Revolution Die And Medal

    Two rare and possibly unique French Revolution numismatic items, one die and one medal, were recently reported stolen by ANA Life Member Stephen Abraham. The package containing both items was en route from France to California. The theft most likely took place when the package went through U.S. Customs in New York.

  • 640 Mint OF Poland Coins Reported Missing And Presumed Stolen

    The American Numismatic Association received a report that 640 Mint of Poland coins disappeared during transit between March 14 and March 16 and are presumed stolen. The coins were en route from the Mint of Poland to Cypress, Texas. Ziggy Serwecinski, ANA Life Member and owner of Coin Matrix, Inc., says his missing coins are valued at approximately $23,000.

  • Exhibitors Recognized in Charlotte

    Simcha Laib Kuritzky of Silver Spring, MD, received the best-in-show exhibit award for his display entitled "Engraved Coins as Judeo-Christian/Neo-Pagan Amulets" at the American Numismatic Association 2007 National Money Show™ in Charlotte, NC, March 16-18. In recognition of his efforts, Kuritzky received an engraved Charlotte medal, a certificate, and a 1924 Saint- Gaudens $20 gold piece donated by Bill Shamhart and Pinnacle Rarities.

  • ANA To Launch New Online Job Service April 1

    The American Numismatic Association (ANA) announces the April 1 launch of its interactive numismatic career service, the ANA Job Board. With its focus on numismatic companies and professionals, the ANA Job Board will offer its members—and the numismatic community at large—an easy-to-use and highly targeted resource for online employment connections.

  • ANA Offers Online Resources, Club Event & School Telecast for 2007 National Coin Week Celebration

    The American Numismatic Association and the coin collecting community will celebrate the 84th annual National Coin Week April 15-21 with the theme, “The Presidents Are Coming!” a tribute to the U.S. Mint’s new Presidential $1 Coin Program.

  • New Washington Dollars Raise Questions

    The American Numismatic Association has received a number of questions about the new Washington Presidential dollar coins. Since the mottos “In God We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum,” the date and the mintmark are on the edge of the coin, these elements may at first appear to be missing. A quick examination of the third side, or edge, of the coin will reveal these features that are required by law to be on the coin.