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Financial expert tells viewers to reach out to ANA dealers for selling coins

Farnoosh Tarabi had some good advice for the Today Show's more than 5 million viewers: If you have a coin collection to sell, take it to a dealer who is a member of the American Numismatic Association.

Tarabi, a personal finance expert who is part of the Today Show's "Money 911" segment, noted that ANA dealers abide by the association code of ethics, thus assuring viewers with coins to sell that finding an ANA-member dealer to do business with is generally a safe bet. The segment aired Wednesday morning, April 11.

The full video can be seen at this link on the Today Show's website (as well as above).The portion of the segment focusing on the ANA begins at the 1:47 mark.

Since the segment aired, the ANA staff has received more than 400 calls from consumers who were looking to find a reputable dealer in their area. The ANA website,, also received more than 2,000 unique visitors after the segment aired, which is double the normal traffic for an average Wednesday morning.

Tarabi's advice to seek out ANA dealers came after the panel received a phone call from "Joseph in Atlanta," who was looking for help on how to sell a coin collection he had inherited. Tarabi also advised viewers to seek out ANA dealers at coin conventions, citing the upcoming Georgia Numismatic Association show as a good place for Joseph and others to find out how much their collections are worth.

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