Money Museum

Where history, art, science and numismatics all add up

Through the discovery of money, America's largest museum dedicated to numismatics brings culture to life.  The museum explores art, history, science and much more to promote the diverse nature of money and related items. 

The museum includes exhibits in three main galleries, where visitors can find spectacular rarities and learn about the history of our nation and the world as seen through money.

The multimedia Bass Gallery houses the Harry W. Bass  Collection, a spectacular and comprehensive collection of American gold coins, experimental pattern coins and paper money. 

The museum's main level features a new exhibit every year designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests, including history, art, archaeology, banking and economics, and coin collecting. 

The Maynard Sundman-Littleton Gallery and the Whitman Publishing Gallery on the museum's lower level also feature new exhibits every year, illuminating aspects of numismatics and collecting designed to appeal to collectors and the general public.

The ANA Money Museum is named in honor of former Executive Director and ANA Past President, Edward C. Rochette.

Free Saturdays at the Money Museum, now with the Mini-Mint

Doug Mini Mint

While ANA members can visit the Money Museum anytime, the public is welcome to check out our exhibits for free on the third Saturday of every month.

As part of those free Saturdays, the museum staff will be operating the Mini-Mint from noon to 4 p.m.

The Mini-Mint is a smaller version of the actual screw presses used to mint coins from the 1500s to the early 1800s.


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The Collection

The museum collection consists of over 250,000 objects encompassing the history of numismatics from the earliest invention of money to modern day.  The objects include paper money, coins, tokens, medals, exonumia, and traditional money from all over the world. 

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The continued success of the ANA Money Museum is due in large part to the generosity of our donors.