Acknowledgments, Footnotes and Bibliography


The assistance of Abe Kosoff is gratefully acknowledged for providing the pictures of the three unique Lesher medals from his collection - Zerbe numbers 15, 16 and 17.



1 While Lesher and others since have referred to these pieces as "coins" and "dollars," it must be correctly stated that they are medals. The second and final year of issue has the word "medal" on the reverse.
2 While not "pure silver," these medals are .950 fine.
3 In 1900 a U. S. Government Assay Office was in Denver, for the Denver Mint was not opened until 1906.
4 Governor of Colorado, 1893-1901.
5 U.S. Senator from Colorado, 1889-1901.
6 The Centennial State entered the Union August 1, 1876.
7 Die cutter was Frank Hurd.
8 U.S. Senator from Colorado, 1876-1883 and 1888-1914.
9 Weight is 480 grains (one troy ounce), 35mm in diameter, and .950 fine silver.
10 All medals of this type examined by the writer have the numbers engraved on each piece.
11 Farran Zerbe, "Private Silver Coins Issued in the United States," American Journal of Numismatics, 51 (1917), 152-166.
12 These would have to be the First Type.
13 No numbers were found above 210 in the 200s and no numbers have been found in the 300s and 400s.
14 R. Lesher does not know of a kinship to Joseph Lesher.
15 Zerbe, p. 160.
16 Ibid., p. 158.
17 Dr. Philip W. Whiteley, "The Lesher Story," Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine, Vol. 24 (October, 1958), p. 2041-2053.
18 Ibid., (November, 1958), p. 2328-2335.
19 Ibid., (December, 1958), p. 2829-2838.
20 Zerbe No. 17 is listed here out of numerical order. However, this is the last type dated 1900, so it is listed prior to the type dated 1901.
21 There are two No. 2 Imprints and both have been examined by the writer.
22 There are two No. 3 Imprints and both have been examined by the writer.
23 There are two No. 8 Imprints and both have been examined by the writer.
24 Earliest known auction of a Lesher medal.
25 Pseudonym.
26 No numbers were found between 250 and 542.
27 Rarity scale, 1 most common to 8 unique.



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