Teacher Tools

One of the primary goals of our Association is to further the education of money, the collecting of money, and the history of money. The following resources and seminars are tools for our teachers to help achieve this goal with our upcoming generations.

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Lesson Plans

Pick a Year, Any Year

When we discuss a coin's "value", what do we really mean? This presentation takes you back to the year 1912. Help your students learn how to use a coin as a catalyst to research world, national and local events of any year.

Evolution of the U.S. Silver Dollar

The dollar has been the flagship coin of the United States Mint. Show your students how the development of the dollar and its various designs are a window into our history and culture.

German Hyperinflation

The economy is always a current event. Use this presentation to explain the cause of inflation. Show how the events of the First World War led Germany down the path of financial ruin.

Oh, The State I'm In

Use the State Quarter Program to help students learn about geography and history with a little letter composition practice included for good measure.

A Roman Wedding

A great culminating project after researching Roman coins. Teach how many modern day wedding customs got their start in Rome.

Roman Coin Research

Use ancient Roman coins as a vehicle to recreate an archaeological dig and research rulers of the Roman Empire!

Current Events on Coins

The images found on coins reflect society. Challenge students to design their own coin to commemorate an event!

Denomination Dilemma

Ever paid for an item with a three- cent piece? Use obsolete denominations to help improve student calculations.