Young Numismatists

Opening Day YNs


Collect coins, expand your education, and make friends with the YN program


The ANA's Young Numismatist program provides education, knowledge and fellowship for YN's.  Join today.


YN Dollars and the YN Auction

Participate in your local coin club, ANA events, or any other coin-related event, and you can earn YN Dollars. Then, spend them in the monthly Auction and expand your coin collection. 


Your Newsletter

Young Numismatists can share their experience and research through Your Newsletter, the blog and monthly e-newsletter written for and by Young Numismatists. 

To submit articles and photos to Your Newsletter, email


Coin Education

Take part in these YN coin programs.


Money 'Musements

How can you do against these games? 



Kids Corner Quiz

Test your coin smarts.


Awards for YN's

Nominate yourself or a fellow YN for one of these awards.




Our Young Numismatists programs are made possible thanks to our Donors.