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Annual APpeal

Dear ANA Member:

The way that we communicate, share information and correspond has taken dramatic leaps forward in the last several years. Hobbyists buy coins online, share images of them on social media, and research the coins' history directly online or by ordering books online. The medium of online communications is changing everything about our world, and for hobbyists like ourselves, it's an opportunity to take A New Approach to help make our ANA remain relevant and be the premier go-to educational numismatic organization our Founding Fathers envisioned.

This concept is designed to support the hobby community and promote numismatic education. To support the concept and lend focus, we have outlined our primary goals for this next year to be 1) expand and promote knowledge of numismatics, 2) provide exceptional member service, and 3) ensure our long-term sustainability.

We can accomplish these goals only with your help. For every $50 donated, you will receive a voucher for a free, one-year online membership in the ANA that you can give to a friend*. Just like you, your friend will receive a monthly subscription to The Numismatist that can be read on a tablet, smartphone or computer monitor. They'll have access to the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library, where they can check-out books online and have them shipped to their home or business. They'll be able to directly submit numismatic materials for grading at NGC, PMG and NCS. And they'll receive discounts at Wizard Coin Supply, Krause Publications, Coin World Magazine and others too numerous to list here.

Your tax-deductible gift will also allow us to add more membership benefits. Chief among these in the next year will be a brand-new Money.org website, replacing out-of-date technology with today's more flexible platforms. This will allow your ANA to bring more numismatic education to you annually as well as allow you to connect and share information with other members and clubs in a safe online environment. Online learning activities and programs for all ages and level of collector would be endless.

It's an exciting time to be an ANA member, which is why we want to help you give the gift of membership to a collector you know. Your donation will help us grow the educational initiatives we've already found to be successful and allow us to pioneer new initiatives that take advantage of today's high-tech culture.

Working together, we can take our fun hobby and Association's educational outreach activities to new heights.

Won't you join with me and be a part of this great adventure?

Walter Ostromecki
ANA President

*Gift memberships good for new memberships only. Cannot be used for renewals.

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