Article VII: Elected Officials–Election

Section 1. Term of Office

The President, Vice President and seven Governors shall be elected biennially in odd-numbered years to serve for two years.


Section 2. Governors

All Governors shall be elected at large. The seven candidates for Governor receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected.


Section 3. Nominations


a) In the November issue of The Numismatist, immediately preceding each election year, the President shall issue a call for nominations of Officers and Governors (Elected Officials) to be elected during said year. Nominations must be submitted in writing to an independent tabulating firm acting on behalf of the Executive Director or to the Executive Director, as directed by the Board of Governors, by any Member entitled to vote, not earlier than December 1 immediately preceding said election year and not later than March 1 of said election year. Club nominations must bear the signatures of at least two current officers of the nominating club.


b) A nominee must be a member who is entitled to hold office under Article VI hereof. In order to be a candidate for office, a member must receive at least 25 nominations from any combination of member clubs in good standing or individual members in good standing. No member may nominate himself or herself or nominate a number of candidates for any office in excess of the number to be elected therefor.


c) The Executive Director shall promptly write to each nominee by certified mail, return receipt requested, notifying the nominee of his or her nomination and requesting a written acceptance or refusal thereof. No nominee may accept a nomination for more than one elective office in any one election. In order to be eligible as a candidate for election, a nominee must transmit his or her written acceptance to the Executive Director in sufficient time to be received by him or her on or before March 31 of said election year.


Section 4. Publication

The Executive Director shall cause a current list of the nominees who have received the required number of nominations, and the actions of the nominees thereon, to be published in the issues of The Numismatist for March through June, inclusive, of the election year. The Executive Director shall obtain and publish in the June issue of The Numismatist for such year a photograph, a biography and the candidate's platform, not exceeding 350 words in length, of each nominee who has accepted a nomination, and shall furnish sufficient copies of all of the foregoing to the firm designated in Section 5 of this Article VII for transmittal with the ballots to all of the members entitled to vote. Said biography shall include a record of the nominee's services to the Association and to numismatics in general. A photograph, biography and platform will not be published and transmitted with the ballots for any nominee who has not transmitted such items to the Executive Director in sufficient time to be received by the Executive Director on or before March 31 of said election year.


Section 5. Ballots

An independent tabulating firm designated by the Board of Governors shall cause the names of all nominees who have so accepted to be printed on official ballots. The places of residence of the nominees shall not appear on the ballots. Each ballot shall bear an inconspicuous mark or marks that shall enable such firm to distinguish an official ballot from a falsified ballot. To preclude any nominee from having a more favorable position on the ballots, the ballots will be printed in five or more separate sets, with the names of the nominees thereon to appear in a different priority of sequence on each set. All decisions of said firm as to the inconspicuous mark or marks to be placed on the ballots and the priority of sequence of names shall be final and may not be contested.


Section 6. Voting


a) On or before June 1 of the election year, said tabulating firm shall cause a ballot to be mailed to each member entitled to vote, together with copies of the biographies, platforms and photographs received by the Executive Director within the time required. The mailing address on each ballot shall be that of the tabulating firm and the envelope shall state "Official ANA Election Ballot." No additional materials requiring a mail response shall be placed in the ballot mailing. In particular, no envelope other than the official ballot return envelope shall be included.


b) The voting shall be by mail only, except that for elections beginning with the calendar year 2013, the Board of Governors may implement a procedure for electronic voting, provided that the Board determines that the procedures for any such electronic voting maintain the integrity of the ballot procedure and do not allow any member to exercise more than one vote and prevent non-eligible individuals from voting. When voting by mail, each voting member shall insert his or her ballot in the official envelope, and seal and mail same after affixing postage thereto. Such ballot must be received by said firm on or before July 1 of the election year.


c) Such firm shall tabulate all official ballots that bear numbers corresponding to those selected by said firm. In instances where more than one ballot bears the same number, said firm shall endeavor, by an inspection of such ballots or by other means, to determine which ballots are falsified; those ballots shall not be counted. The candidate or candidates receiving the largest number of votes for the respective offices shall be duly elected. Ballots for uncontested offices shall not be tabulated; however, a minimum of one vote will be counted for each uncontested office.


d) Such tabulating firm shall cause a report of the votes cast for each candidate to be delivered to the President and the Executive Director at least 10 days prior to the first day of the annual World's Fair of MoneySM (the ANA Anniversary Convention) where those successful candidates will be installed for the forthcoming Board of Governors, but no later than July 15 of the election year. Any nominee shall be entitled to obtain from said tabulating firm written verification of the results of said tabulation. All ballots and envelopes shall be retained by said firm until otherwise instructed by the Board of Governors. The ballots may not be destroyed until six months after the opening day of the convention at which the results are announced, and then only by majority vote of the Board of Governors, unless a recount application is made pursuant to Section 11 of this Article VII.


Section 7. Announcement

At least 10 days prior to the opening day of the election-year Anniversary Convention, the Executive Director, by written and/or electronic communications, shall announce to all candidates and to members of the numismatic media who customarily receive a­­n­nounce­ments from the Association the number of votes obtained by each candidate for each office. Those elected will be installed at the banquet of the Association at said convention; will assume their duties at the next Regular Board Meeting at said convention (or, in case of exigency, as soon thereafter as the President can convene a meeting of the Board of Governors); and will hold office until their suc­cessors are duly elected and declared installed.


Section 8. Succession to the Vice Presidency

If a vacancy shall occur in the office of the Vice President for any reason, the Board of Governors shall elect an eligible member of the Board to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the Officer replaced. If no Governor meets the eligibility requirements under Article VI, Section 2(d), that requirement shall be waived and the Board of Governors shall elect a current elected Governor to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the Vice President to be replaced.


Section 9. Succession to the Office of Governor

If any Governor's position becomes vacant for any reason, such vacancy shall be filled by the person who failed to be elected as a Governor by the least number of votes in the most recent election. Each subsequent vacancy shall be filled in like manner by the person who in turn failed to be elected as a Governor by the next least number of votes. If no one meets the eligibility requirements for succession, that requirement shall be waived and the Board of Governors shall elect an eligible ANA member to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the Governor to be replaced.


Section 10. Expressions of Support for Candidates

The Editor of The Numismatist may not accept for publication therein anything favorable or unfavorable to any person who has announced his or her candidacy for Association elective office and/or who has received sufficient nominations therefor to be a candidate in an Association election during the period commencing with the "Call for Nominations" and continuing through the close of voting; provided, however, that such Editor may accept paid advertising that promotes a person's candidacy for Association office and that is not derogatory to another candidate, and biographies submitted pursuant to Section 4 of this Article VII. This section shall not prohibit regular columnists from publishing their regular monthly columns, provided that the content of such column shall not be permitted to promote their candidacy, or promote or oppose any other person's candidacy for elected office. The decision of the Executive Director shall be final in determining whether anything is favorable, unfavorable or derogatory.


Section 11. Recount of Ballots

Any one or more of the defeated candidates in an Association election shall be entitled to an election recount to be conducted by said independent tabulating firm by written application and by advance payment to the Association of the cost thereof. Such request and payment shall be made within 15 days after all defeated candidates have been informed of the election results. If it is determined as a result of said recount that such applicant or applicants were, in fact, elected, the cost of the recount will be refunded by the Association to the person or persons paying therefor, and the ANA may endeavor to obtain reimbursement for such costs from said tabulating firm.


Section 12. Tie Vote & Procedure for Determination of Election by Lot

If it shall appear after the count of the votes for any election that two or more candidates have received an equal number of votes for the same office, and that a failure to elect to any office is caused thereby, the election to the office shall be determined in the following manner: 


a) Within three days after the vote determination, the independent tabulating firm shall appoint a date and time certain at its offices for the purpose of determining by lot among such candidates the right to the office, and shall cause notice thereof to be given to the current President and the Executive Director of the Association and to all those candidates so affected. The appointed date and time shall be not less than five business days after the date of the notice provided to those interested candidates. The required notice may be delivered by mail, e-mail, fax or any commonly used overnight delivery service, or any combination of the above so that the affected candidates will receive notice of the scheduled election determination by lot as provided herein.


b) Outside of the presence of the affected candidates or their designated appointees, the independent tabulating firm shall prepare as many slips of paper as there are such candidates, and write the word "elected" on as many slips of paper as there are offices to be filled, and the words "not elected" on the remaining slips, and put each such slip in separate but identical envelopes so as to conceal the writing and so that they shall be identical in outward appearance. The envelopes shall be sealed and shall be placed in a container that may be closed, the contents shall be shaken and mixed and, at the time and place scheduled for the drawing of the lots, each of the candidates aforesaid may draw one of the envelopes from the container. Each candidate who has drawn an envelope containing a slip on which is written the word "elected" shall be deemed legally elected to the office in question and the independent tabulating firm shall forthwith designate that candidate, or those candidates, if applicable, as elected.


c) Any candidate who may be affected by the results of the drawing shall have the right to attend in person if he or she chooses to attend, or to designate another person to attend in his or her place and act on his or her behalf for the drawing, but the inability of any candidate to be able to attend in person shall not prevent the drawing from proceeding as above indicated. The independent tabulating firm may appoint any disinterested person present to draw a slip for any affected candidate who does not appear or fails to appoint another person to appear on his or her behalf on the day and time specified in the notice.


d) This method of determination of election in the event of a tie vote shall not be subject to appeal; however, this procedure shall not preclude the right of a defeated candidate to a recount of the votes cast as provided in Section 11 of this Article VII.


e) At the conclusion of the drawing, the independent tabulating firm shall prepare a written summary of the selection procedure, which shall indicate the following: The date and time of the drawing, the names of all persons present at the drawing, the names of any designated candidate representative(s) or appointee(s), and the results of each envelope draw. 


f) During the drawing, there shall be at least one disinterested representative from the Association in attendance, and that representative shall sign and date the written summary prepared by the independent tabulating firm and shall indicate that he or she witnessed the drawing and that the results so stated conform to the drawing that he or she witnessed.  No Association representative shall participate in the actual drawing of the envelopes.


Section 13. End of Service as an Officer or Elected Official


Each Officer and/or Elected Official whose service ends shall deliver to the Executive Director, upon request, all books, records, papers, electronic data and media, and other property of the Association in his or her possession.