Article X: Conventions

Section 1. Annual Convention

The Association shall meet in convention at least once every year, at such time and place as may be decided upon by the Board of Governors. The time and place thereof shall be officially announced by the President in at least one issue of the official magazine, published prior to said convention.


Section 2. Convention Committees

As soon as it shall be expedient to do so, the President shall each year appoint such committees as the President may deem advisable to facilitate the work of the convention(s) in accordance with the following:


a) No Committee shall act independently from the Association with respect to any matter regarding any ANA convention.


b) All Committee activity must be coordinated with the ANA Executive Director or Association staff with respect to any matter pertaining to an ANA convention.


c) The ANA Executive Director or such other person(s) as directed by the President shall provide direction as to any Committee activities with regard to the convention for which they have been appointed.