Article XIV: Bylaws

Section 1. Amendments

Amendments to the bylaws require an affirmative vote of six members of the Board of Governors.


Section 2. Changes Affecting the Rights of Members

Any proposed amendment of these bylaws that would affect the voting rights of the members of the Association, their eligibility for office or the structure of the Board of Governors shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Director by no less than three members of the Board of Governors, or by the Bylaws Committee, together with written arguments in support of such amendment. The Executive Director shall thereupon mail a copy by certified mail, return receipt requested, of said amendment and arguments in support thereof to the other members of the Board of Governors. Delivery of these documents may be made by electronic means if proof of delivery is obtained, or in-person delivery if the proposed amendment is tendered at a Regular Meeting of the Board at an ANA convention. Each of the other members of the Board of Governors shall have the right, during the 20 day period following his or her receipt of said proposed amendment and arguments, to submit written arguments in opposition to said amendment to the Executive Director and the other Governors. The Board, meeting by whatever mode the President directs, should then determine the final form of the proposed bylaw amendment.


a) Publication and Comments Procedure: In order to enable the members of the Association to submit comments regarding such amendment, the Executive Director, within five days after the Board reaches a decision as to the wording of the proposed Amendment, shall submit to the Editor, for publication in one issue of The Numismatist, said amendment, the arguments in support thereof and the arguments, if any, in opposition thereto. No action shall be taken by the Board of Governors on such amendment prior to the expiration of 30 days from the last date of mailing of said issue of The Numismatist to the members of the Association. If, after receiving member comments, the proposed amendment is revisited and changed, the revised proposal shall be published again, with another 30-day comment period allowed. At the conclusion of the second comment period, the Board may vote on the proposal as finally published, with no further amendments allowed. An affirmative vote of six members of the Board will be required to adopt any bylaw change.


b) Alternative Polling Procedure: In lieu of and in substitution for the requirements of Subsection 2(a) of this Article XV above, the Board of Governors, by a majority vote, may direct that questionnaires be mailed to the members of the Association soliciting their views with respect to said amendment. Said questionnaires shall be returned within 30 days from the date of mailing thereof to the members. After the expiration of this time limit, the Board of Governors may take ­action on said amendment. Again, the proposal must be voted upon as advised to the membership; further amendments will require re-polling or compliance with the procedure of Subsection 2(a) above.


Section 3. Limitation on Amending Article XIV, Section 2

Article XIV, Section 2, above may not be amended in substance or revoked without complying with the publication and other requirements therein.


Section 4. Prior Notice of Amendments

Any proposed bylaw amendment must be submitted to the Board of Governors in writing for review and comment at least 14 days prior to any vote thereon.