2011 ANA Literary Awards winners



2011 Young Numismatist Literary Awards


Bill Fivaz Young Numismatist Literary Award

(ages 8-12)

   First place: Fiachra Rottinghaus,

      "Women on Coins: Who, Where, and Why Aren't There More?"

   Second place: Noah Polson,

      "Double Portrait Coins" 

   Third place: Benjamin Taylor,

      "It Was Raining Money"


Q. David Bowers Young Numismatist Literary Award

(ages 13-17)

   First Place: Mike Valente,

      "The Discovery of Gold in America and Its Impact on Coinage"

   Second Place: Cole Schenewerk,

      "Have You Ever Considered Collecting Ancient Coins?"

   Third Place: Keira Rosner,

      "Making 'Sense' of the Alloys in Cents"


Kenneth E. Bressett Young Numismatist Literary Award

(ages 18-22)

   First place: Sam Spiegel,

      "A Numismatic Biography of Lucius Cornelius Sulla"

   Second place: No Entry

   Third place: No Entry



2011 Literary Awards for Work in The Numismatist


Heath Literary Award

(outstanding articles during the last year)

   First place: Joel J. Orosz and Leonard Augsburger,

      "Frank H. Stewart and the First U.S. Mint," April 2010.

   Second place: Walter A. Ostromecki Jr.,

      "Some Women behind Our Money," May 2010.

   Third place: Ernie Nagy,

      "Artifacts of Andrew Jackson's Bank War," September 2010.


Wayte and Olga Raymond Memorial Literary Award

(outstanding articles that display original research in U.S. numismatics)

   First place: William D. Hyder and Jeff Shevlin,

      "The Golden Age of California State Celebrations," December 2010. 

   Second place: R.W. Julian,

      "All About the Half Dime," December 2010.


Catherine Sheehan Literary Award

(for U.S. Paper Money Studies)

   Ricardo de León Tallavas,

      "Two Voices from a Forgotten War," January 2010.