News about the World's Fair of Money

Stacks Bower's U.S. Paper Money Auction draws superb results in Chicago

For the third straight year, Stack's Bowers Galleries paper currency sessions at the Official Auction of the ANA World's Fair of Money drew rave reviews.

Coin World: MS-68 1899-CC $1 to $881,250

While lacking a million-dollar rarity, the official American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money auctions by Stack's Bowers Galleries had dozens of stunners.

NGC Market Report: It was the perfect script for the ANA World's Fair of Money

What more could numismatists have asked for? Great location, great weather and great coins!

David Alexander named ANA's 2013 Numismatist of the Year

David Alexander, a collector, a scholar, and numismatic author is the ANA's 2013 Numismatist of the Year.


The Coin Analyst: ANA Convention highlights include buffalo gold coins

At the recently concluded ANA World's Fair of Money a major highlight was the U.S. Mint selling the 2013-W American Reverse Proof Buffalo Gold Coin in person to show attendees.

Barber Dimes hot at ANA Show

Patrick Heller details what was hot and what was not at the ANA World's Fair of Money

ANA's World's Fair of Money, 2013 Coin Show Report

William Shamhart of Coin Week reports his opinions about the World's Fair of Money

World's Fair of Money

This blogger talks about their numismatic experience at the World's Fair of Money

America's gold expert honored at 2013 World's Fair of Money

Mike Fuljenz of Beaumont, Texas, was honored at the World's Fair of MoneySM with six prestigious awards

World's Fair of Money rakes in visitors 

Collectors and dealers fly in from around the world hoping to snag deals on coins and notes.

FOCUS: Numismatic Coin Collecting Interest Revived With Gold Price Drop

Numismatic coin collecting always appeals to a certain segment of the precious metals industry, but some dealers say the drop in gold prices earlier this year sparked greater interest in the hobby.


Collectors Find Success at ANA Show

Some people go to an American Numismatic Association convention knowing exactly what they want and are simply going and getting it. Others sail wherever the current takes them and then take advantage of unique and unexpected opportunities.


Chicago Tonight features WFM

It's the season for county and state fairs but if you're not into livestock shows, pie bake-offs and political grandstanding, you may want to visit a different kind of fair taking place in Rosemont. There's no fried dough, but rather lots and lots of dough, as in money -- both very old and brand new, and from all around the world.


Money Museum Curator Doug Mudd displays the 1804 silver dollar to Chicago WGN

 Doug Mudd speaks on the uniqueness and history of the 1804 silver dollar on display at WFM


Chicago WGN reported on the 1783 U.S. dye and history of the first American coins

WGN visits various booths learning the history of money. Here they came across one of the first patterns used to mint American coins.


Kevin Brown displays the new $100 note to Chicago WGN

 The United States Mint is featuring the new $100 note for the first time at WFM


WGN goes over the value of the silver certificate with Kevin Brown of the United States Treasury. 

The United States Mint booth has a lot to display this year for WFM, including rare silver certificates.


Chicago WGN displays the $100,000 note sheet valued at $1.2 Million

 Want to know what $1.2 Million that you can hold in your hand looks like? WGN found out. 


2013 Reverse Proof Buffalo Scores at ANA's World's Fair of Money

If you've seen the 2013 Reverse Proof American Gold Buffalo up close and you can scrape together the cash, it's hard not to buy one.


PCGS-Certified Coins in Spotlight At 2013 ANA World's Fair of Money

Chicago area news media have eagerly done stories about PCGS-certified coins prominently exhibited at the 2013 American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money in suburban Rosemont, Illinois.


The World's Fair of Money was featured on Chicago's WGN

Watch a live segment of Money Museum Curator Doug Mudd show the Incuse Coinage and 1792 Half Disme.  


'King of American Coins' To Be Auctioned

One of only fifteen 1804 dollar specimens is up for auction at the World's Fair of Money.


Token specialist David Schenkman to receive Zerbe Award

Coin World profile on the winner of the ANA's highest honor. 


Coin Shows: The biggest week of the year

ANA Vice President-elect Jeff Garrett discusses the great things ANA conventions have to offer.


High-grade 1793 Wreath cent in ANA auction 

Article first published in U.S. Collectibles section of World Coins.


New Direction to Teach Class at World's Fair of Money

New Direction IRA will lead a class for coin dealers and coin enthusiast at the upcoming World's Fair of Money.


Stop Making Dollar Bills and Pennies

Mike Fuljenz will take his money-saving message to the World's Fair of Money.


Join Stack's Bowers Galleries at the August 2013 World's Fiar of Money 

Stack's Bowers Galleries is proud to host the Official Auction of the August 2013 ANA World's Fair of Money in Chicago, Ill.


The Chicago World's Fair of Money

The public can see more than $1 billion worth of historic rare coins and colorful paper money.


New $100 bill part of money display in Rosemont

Hundreds of professional coin and paper money dealers from around the world were busy Monday setting up shop in Rosemont to prepare for the opening day of the World's Fair of Money. 


Eloise Ullman Receives PNG lifetime achievement award

Ullman accepts award for years of dedicated service and achievements in numismatics.


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