Volunteer Opportunities/Pages

Join the ANA Photo Team

Volunteer photographers of all ages are invited to share highlights of the World's Fair of Money in Chicago with fellow collectors through the ANA's Facebook page, Pinterest board, and on www.worldsfairofmoney.com. Some photos may even be featured in The Numismatist.

During these conventions, volunteers will be asked to meet briefly with coordinator Jake Sherlock, then submit several photos each day. To sign up, or to learn more, e-mail jsherlock@money.org or phone 719-482-9867.


Be an ANA Page

Young Numismatists who are ANA members can volunteer to be pages during the World's Fair of Money. Pages must be between the ages of 13 to 22. It's a great opportunity to meet dealers and collectors, and a chance to make good money in tips with a little hard work.


Click here to learn more about being an ANA page. 


Deadline for applications is July 8. 


Questions? Email Rhonda Scurek at scurek@money.org.



Rules and info for ANA Pages

Pages1Pages must: 


1. Register intent to be a page with the ANA Convention Department prior to the convention.


2. Be at least 13 years of age and no older than 22.


3. Report to the Page Chairperson or his/her designee each shift before starting and when ending work. Report to the registration area during set-up day or to the page table in or near the bourse once the convention is open.


4. Wear a photo ID at all times on the bourse floor.


5. Wear official ANA vest when working. Turn in the page vest daily to the Page Chairperson or his/her designee as soon as the work shift is completed. Do not leave the bourse floor wearing a page uniform.


6. Purchase food only at the convention center concession stands.


7. Charge no more than the actual cost for food and beverage. It is understood that pages may be given tips for their services, but do not ask for tips.


8. Be proficient at making change.


9. Be polite at all times.


10. Turn in all supplies provided by ANA at the end of each shift. ANA will supply paper towels, glass cleaner, pencils or pens and paper to take orders. Menus will be provided if available.


11. Not purchase alcoholic beverages or cigarettes at anytime.


12. Do not pass out brochures or fliers without approval from the Page Chairperson or ANA staff.


13. Place flyers at dealer booths as directed by Director of Conventions and Page Chairperson.
Failure to do so will result in dismissal from bourse floor.


14. Do not pass out brochures or flyers at the entrance to the bourse floor.


See what a day is like for an ANA page:

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