The ANA Road Show brings rare numismatic treasures to your convention!

Coin clubs can apply to have incredible specimens from the ANA’s collection exhibited at their shows. In addition, we’ll bring the ANA Library Mobile Archives, conduct numismatic courses, and more.

To learn more about the ANA Road Show application process and associated costs, please contact Club Communication Coordinator Tiffanie Bueschel via phone at (719) 482-9816 or by email at tbueschel@money.org.

Numismatic News Article (June, 2017)

"On public display at the event... was an American Numismatic Association Roadshow Exhibition, which featured the dazzling and rare King and Queen coins of numismatics, an 1804 Bust silver dollar and a 1913 Liberty Head nickel."


"Nearly a thousand people came to view, drool over and learn about the classic King and Queen of coins from Gillis, Bueschel and Ostromecki. Even a number of Westgate Resort Hotel staff turned out to view the exhibit, including two in full costume as Las Vegas show girls." Read full article

1804 dollar obverse
ANA Road Show Exhibit : 1804 U.S. Silver Dollar
1913 v nickel obverse
ANA Road Show Exhibit : 1913 Liberty Nickel
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