04 Feb 2015

2015 NMS Money Talks Schedule

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Oregon Convention Center, Halls D-E – Room E144
Money Talks Schedule – Friday and Saturday, March 6-7, 2015.
Free and open to the public: Money Talks features informative 30- to 45-minute programs presented by some of the hobby’s most noted authorities. Presentations are offered Friday and Saturday March 6-7, 2015, in Room E144, of the Oregon Convention Center, Halls D-E.

Friday, March 6

10 a.m.                “ANA Legacy Series: Fred Weinberg”

                                (with Interviewer Barbara Gregory)


11 a.m.                “Marketing Madness, Mayhem and Mischief: The Selling of Classic U.S. Commemorative Half Dollars”

                                (Thomas A. Tullis) 


Noon                    “Creating Fun-Filled Numismatic Presentations for the General Public”

                                (Patrick A. Heller)


1 p.m.                  “Coins of the 300: Numismatics of the Persian Wars”

                                (Douglas Mudd)


2 p.m.                  “The Times and Tokens of Thomas Spence”

                                (Jerry Bobbe)


3 p.m.                  “An Overview of European Cathedral Medals by Jacques Wiener”

                                (David Schmidt)


4 p.m.                  “The Minting of a Commemorative Coin: A Long Journey”

                                (Rod Gillis)


Saturday, March 7


10 a.m.                 “The Otis B. Wright Collection of Washingtonia and Early U.S. Political Medals in the Portland Art Museum”

                                (Larry Gaye)


11 a.m.               “The Short-Snorter Project: Still Keeping the Memories Alive” (1 hour; 45 minutes)

                                (Thomas Sparks)


1 p.m.                   “Learn about MAC and Its Patented Grade Enhancements”

                                (Alan Hager)


2 p.m.                 “Reconciling Legal-Tender Paper Currencies with the Constitution” (1 hour; 45 minutes)

                                (Matt Erickson)



Level 5



Level 5

Some look interesting. Hope I am able to attend them.


Level 4

It out my area, but nice to attention. Thank you

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