three men on stage
men in small library looking at books
men in small library looking at books
boy talking into microphone
man holding up a book
man talking into a microphone
men in small library looking at books
man holding up book
man looking at bookshelf
man looking at bookshelf
room full of people in chairs
man looking at large book
four men in conversation
boy looking at papers



Level 5

It looks like everyone is having a terrific time. Thanks for the photos.


Level 6

Thanks for the photos!!! Wish I was going!


Ian Fenn

Level 5

Yep wish I was there also and I will be next week. Its great seeing photos of familiar faces. More photos would be appreciated


Level 5

Again, Thanks for the pictures! Now I am still really depressed that I'm here and not there;) (and it is 95 degrees here on the 1st day of summer!!!)

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