20 Apr 2015

2015 National Coin Week Video Trivia Challenge No. 5

National Coin Week | ANA Official Post | Jake Sherlock

Here is the fifth and final installment in this year's National Coin Week Video Trivia Challenge. Please watch the video above, figure out the answer to the trivia question, then submit your answers on this page. If you have all five questions correct, you will be entered into a prize drawing. The grand prize is a 1915-S Panama-Pacific Exposition commemorative half dollar. Other prizes will be awarded as well. Good luck! And happy National Coin Week. 



Level 5

:) Great productions!


Level 4

1) The Crystal Palace burnt down in Nov. of 1936. 2) 1926 sesquicentennial of American Independence in Penn. 3)$50 octagon 4)1893 Worlds Colombian Expedition. 5) Feeding the planet energy for life.


Level 6

1. The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London. Nov.30, 1936 2. The 1926 Sesquicentennial International Exposition, Philadelphia, Penn. 3. $50.00 Octagonal and Round 4. 1893 5. "Feeding the planet, Energy for life".


Level 1

NCW Video Trivia Challenge Answers: 1. The Crystal Palace Exposition, Hyde Park, London; also known as "The Great Shalimar". Destroyed November 30, 1936. 2. The Washington-Collidge Half Dollar, 1926, The Sesquicentennial Exposition in Philadelphia to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This remains the President featured on a U.S. coin while he was still alive. 3. The 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, California, featured a $50 gold coin in both octagonal (eight-sided) and round shapes. 4. 1893 at the Columbian Exposition. 5. "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" is the theme of the 2015 World's Fair in Milan, Italy. Submitted by Mark L. Trout, ANA member. Troutm53@aol.com (352) 895-0040 11150 SW 109th Place Dunnellon, FL 34432 Great Quiz! I hope it was as much fun to produce as it was to watch! Good job, ANA NCW Committee!


Level 4

1. The Crystal Palace in London, Destroyed 1936 by fire. 2. The Sesquicentennial Expo. Philadelphia. 3. $50 with some being Octagonal. 4. The 1893 Columbian Expo. Was the first to feature elongated coins, but in video # 4 you make it sound like that was not a world fair. Wiki says it was a world fair, so I'm sticking to that answer. 5. The Theme of Milan, Italy is Feeding the planet, Energy for life.

Ian Fenn

Level 5

Feeding the planet, energy for life


Level 6

1. The Crystal Palace Hyde park, London. Nov. 30, 1936 2. The 1926 Sesquicentennial International Exposition. Philadelphia, Penn. 3. $50 Round and Octagonal 4. 1893 5. " Feeding the planet, Energy for life ".

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