12 May 2000

ANA offers "Quarter Boards"

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ANA offers "Quarter Boards"

Nostalgic coin boards, revamped to accommodate the nation's newest circulating commemoratives - the United States Mint's 50 State Quarters - now are available at cost from the American Numismatic Association (ANA) to collectors, clubs and dealers.

Co-sponsored by the ANA, American Numismatic Society, Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and the U.S. Mint, these "quarter boards" are reminiscent of coin boards that entered the numismatic scene in 1934 and were produced until the early '40s. They were intended to provide collectors with an inexpensive and attractive means of displaying sets of coins. PNG Vice President Harlan Berk designed the new coin boards, which will be released every two years throughout the 10-year coin program. The first board holds 20 specimens, struck in 1999-2000 by the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. The back pictures a variety of historic quarter dollars and their predecessors.

The boards are not intended for resale, but rather are to be distributed free to schoolchildren, civic groups and the general public to raise awareness of coin collecting. 

A case of 135 boards (for quarters dated 1999 and 2000) is available for $66 (including standard UPS shipping); the minimum order is 25 boards ($9.50 plus shipping). All orders must include a street address.

Contact the ANA MoneyMarket, 818 N. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3279, telephone toll-free 800/367-9723, or E-mail anaent@money.org.

Originally Release Date: May 12, 2000
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9872
                             Email: pr@money.org



Level 7

I have seen them. I'm not a fan of them but there ok for a display once in a while. At least there thinking and some new items are coming out.


Level 5

What a great idea.

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