11 Apr 2007

ANA Deadline for Grading Service Proposals Extended to April 26

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ANA Deadline for Grading Service Proposals Extended to April 26 

The American Numismatic Association is extending the deadline to April 26 for proposals from qualified third party grading services to serve as the ANA’s “Grading Service of Choice.” 

The ANA is seeking proposals for one of two options: either (1) enter into an exclusive agreement with one company, or (2) enter into an agreement with multiple services. The choice as to which option is selected will be made by the ANA Board of Governors based upon the proposals received. Proposals were originally anticipated to be due on April 13 but due to a technical problem in delivery of the requests to grading services, the response deadline has been extended to April 26.

Proposals for an exclusive agreement only, a non-exclusive agreement only or a proposal for both options will be considered. Proposals will be summarized for comparison purposes and presented to the ANA Board for consideration and a decision by May 15. 

Originally Release Date: April 11, 2007
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9864
                            Email: pr@money.org


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