10 Mar 2001

Exhibitors recognized in Salt Lake City

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Exhibitors recognized in Salt Lake City

Kenneth R. Hill of Seattle, Washington, received the Best-in-Show Exhibit Award for his display  entitled "United States Gold 12-Piece Type Set with Die Errors" at the American Numismatic  Association's (ANA) National Money Show 2001 in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 8-10. In recognition of his efforts, Hill received a 5-ounce, 14kt-gold medal produced and donated by The Franklin Mint, and a plaque.

The first runner-up award was presented to William H. Horton Jr. of Keyport, New Jersey, for his exhibit "Denomination Set of 1914 Federal Reserve Notes (Blue Seal)."

Michael Faircloth Sr. of Boise, Idaho, received the second runner-up award for his exhibit "Common 20th-Century Error Notes." Horton and Faircloth each received a plaque. The People's Choice Award was presented to George Wilson of Syracuse, Utah, and Douglas Wright of Eureka, Utah, for their exhibit "Trade Tokens of the Tintic Mining District." For their efforts, Wilson and Wright each received a medal set comprised of specimens from the host clubs, a gold-plated medal and an ANA medal.

The ANA National Coin Week Exhibit Award was presented to Louis Goldstein of Las Vegas, Nevada, for his exhibit "Money of the Early Americas." For his efforts, Goldstein received a plaque.

Devon K. Hammer of Brigham City, Utah, received the second runner-up award for his exhibit "Almost Finding Treasure." Richard Green of Roy, Utah, received the third runner-up award for his exhibit "Utah History." Hammer and Green each received a plaque.

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Congratulations on the awards.

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