13 Feb 2007

FIDEM Seeks Medal Designs

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FIDEM Seeks Medal Designs 

The Federation Internationale De La Medaille and the American Numismatic Association, host of the Art Medal World Congress FIDEM XXX, Sept. 19-22, in Colorado Springs, invites American medalists to submit designs for the official Congress medal and the U.S. delegation medal. Both medals should be designed around the theme of the event, “Passages to Reconstruction,” a message of strength and hope following Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami that devastated South and Southeast Asia. 

Medalists can submit sketches or three-dimensional models. There are no restrictions on size or material. The only requirement is that the work must carry the inscriptions FIDEM CONGRESS XXX and COLORADO SPRINGS, and the date 2007. The U.S. delegation medal also should include the legend, U.S. DELEGATION. 

Artists submitting the winning designs will receive a small honorarium and “lots of fame and acclaim,” says Cory Gillilland, a FIDEM organizer and delegate. She urges participants to keep in mind that both medals should be reproducible and cost effective. 

Deadline for submissions is March 31. Direct all correspondence and shipments to Cory Gillilland, 426 Mountain View Dr., Willsboro, NY 12996, phone 518-963-4677. 

FIDEM was established in 1937 to promote and disseminate the art of medals at the international level, to make the art known and to guarantee recognition of its place among other arts by increasing awareness of the art, history and technology of medals. FIDEM delegates gather every two years for an Art Medal World Congress and exhibition of art medals. ANA will host the 2007 congress and international exhibit of art medals. 

Originally Release Date: February 13, 2007
ANA Contacts: Phone: 719-482-9864
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Level 5

That must have been nice. Can you post any photos?


Level 7

Anyone can come up with a medal design. Even I did had it made. Sold ten thousand. But I had four made in proof silver. I sent mine in number two of four to anacs and they graded it a proof 68. Not bad. There were three others actually only two one guy ok the money. Done by the highland Minn. It's on m y site under collections it the ancient order of Hibernian medal. Thanks for your info Mike.

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