04 Mar 2015

Money Museum listed as one of the 7 Unique Colorado Museums

Money Museum | ANA Official Post | emadura

Wheretraveler.com recently compiled a list titled "7 Unique Colorado Museums", and the Money Museum made the cut. The article mentions the old and new coins that can be seen and the history of money that can be learned. The author, Kimberly Gunning, also gives a shout out to the Kids Zone for teaching kids about money through interactive activities. 

See more photos of the Money Museum that weren't in the article below and read the "7 Unique Colorado Museums" list here: http://www.wheretraveler.com/colorado/7-unique-colorado-museums
Inside the harry w. bass junior collection at the money museum
Harry W. Bass Gallery
woman looking at patterns in the harry w. bass junior exhibit
A complete collection of U.S. gold coin types of all periods and designs from 1834 to 1933
group of kids at the money museum kidz zone
The Money Museum offers free monthly classes in the Kids Zone for children ages 4-12.
group of kids at the money museum kidz zone
The Kids Zone teaches kids about money the way they learn best: by doing and playing.
exhibit inside the money museum
The Edward C. Rochette Money Museum exhibit
model ship in a display case
Treasures of the Deep exhibit
oddly shaped clay jar
This early 18th century Dutch onion bottle recovered from the Spanish
pile of shipwreck coins
Conglomerate of U.S. half dollars recovered from the S.S. Republic



Level 4

I am in 2017 and I saw that from another member who took photos


Level 5

Great place! If I've gone to Kentucky, I guess I might go to Colorado!


Level 6

Wow! That's great! I'd love to go someday! : )


Level 4

The is nice.

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