18 May 2016

Regret is Bittersweet – Trading Mint Sets for Ice Cream

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By LCC Writing Team | Coins & Paper Money, Collector Stories

When I was just a young girl, my dad began presenting me with U.S. Proof and Mint Sets for Christmas. At the time, I thought they were neat, super shiny and pretty, but since I wasn’t allowed to play with them or take them out of the package, I placed them in a shoebox under my bed for safekeeping. Each year I’d get another U.S. Mint Set in my stocking and tuck them away. Then in the summer of ’77, I turned nine…



Level 5

Being a kid is hard. You do not know the true cost of life because you have just started your journey. Life lessons often come to light well after the decisions. All anyone can do is to try to learn from and not repeat them!


Level 6

That's a great story! Ice cream can be very tempting! : ) My biggest collecting regret was buying what I thought was a "real" territorial gold coin from a dealer and finding out later is was a fake. : (


Level 6

Great story. Thanks for sharing!!

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