12 Jan 2015

Free educational appraisals offered at National Money Show

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Free educational appraisals offered at National Money Show


On March 7, during the final day of the National Money Show in Portland, ANA members and the public can receive free, educational appraisals on up to three coins or other numismatic items at the Free Appraisals Area. Admission is free on March 7, the final day of the National Money Show.


The Free Appraisals Area is designed to provide educational insight on the value of a coin. Coin appraisals are not binding and are for educational purposes only. Attendees having materials appraised are welcome to sell those items at the show for a price to be agreed upon by buyer and seller.


Look for the Free Appraisals Area at The Rest Stop on Saturday, March 7.




Level 6

Great idea. That should bring in some new people. Hopefully to the ANA. Everyone wants to know how much "it's worth"!!


Level 6

That's really cool! Wish I was closer, I'd bring in some coins!


Level 4

The is good.

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