25 Jul 2017

Meet famous and Notorious Paper Money Counterfeiters!

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Written by LCC Writing Team

The use of paper currency dates back over a thousand years. And the handiwork of counterfeiters goes back nearly that far! Paper money has long been the target of novice to expert forgers.

Of course, the penalties for getting caught have been very severe in the past. Several centuries ago, men could expect to be hanged or drawn and quartered. Women were usually burned at the stake. In America, colonial paper money printed by Ben Franklin and others often bore the phrase “to counterfeit is death.”

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Level 5

Reading the stories of the counterfeiters is always interesting. How they started to how they got caught.


Level 6

Pretty severe. Please try to keep the blog on this site. Thanks!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very interesting


Level 7

I'm sorry I like to read blogs not adds sorry but I do tell it like it is. I think it's really unnecessary.

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