Level 5

I am in support. It is about time! As to who, though...the public poll said Harriet Tubman, but who knows?


Level 5

Poor Alex is getting the bum rap. The original plan was to replace Andrew Jackson, but for some reason they switched. I think it will be a nice change, but I'll miss the original portrait.


Level 5

I like the idea of a change. It will be exciting to see who is selected. Lots of people won't like the change. Lots of people conplain about the current designs. I wish it didn't take under 2020. I am ready to add new design notes to my collect ASAP.


Level 5

Re-design the bill like the $100, but don't replace Hamilton!!!


Level 5

If they put a rendition of Liberty, then I am for the change. If they do the change as currently proposed, I will just ask for 2 $5's anytime I am given a new $10.

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