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The Heath Literary Award

  • First place - Q. David Bowers, "Era of Secrecy" (March 2012), ($250, silver medal and certificate)
  • Second place - Nancy Oliver and Richard Kelly, "On the Wrong Track" (September 2012), ($100, bronze medal, certificate)
  • Third place - Bibliophile David F. Fanning, "Top 10 American Numismatic Books of the 19th Century" (February 2012), (bronze medal, certificate)
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The Wayte and Olga Raymond ­Memorial Literary Award

  • First place - Mark Fox, "In Search of Machin's Mills" (December 2012), ($400, certificate)
  • Second place - David E. Schenkman, "The Numismatic Legacy of S.D. Childs" (October 2012), ($200, certificate)
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The Catherine Sheehan Literary Award for U.S. Paper Money Studies

  • First place - P. Scott Rubin, "New Jersey Currency of 1776" (July 2012), ($50, certificate)
  • Second place - Gerome Walton, "Nebraska's Smallest National Bank Town" (August 2012), (certificate)