2011 Literary Award winners

Heath Literary Award

  • First place -  Joel J. Orosz and Leonard Augsburger, "Frank H. Stewart and the First U.S. Mint," April 2010.
  • Second place: Walter A. Ostromecki Jr., "Some Women behind Our Money," May 2010.
  • Third place: Ernie Nagy, "Artifacts of Andrew Jackson's Bank War," September 2010.

  • Wayte and Olga Raymond Memorial Literary Award

  • First place - William D. Hyder and Jeff Shevlin, "The Golden Age of California State Celebrations," December 2010. 
  • Second place: R.W. Julian, "All About the Half Dime," December 2010.   
  • Catherine Sheehan Literary Award

  • Ricardo de León Tallavas, "Two Voices from a Forgotten War," January 2010.

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